Gezubuso Projects Hiv/Aids Training Creche' and Self Help NGO

........................................................ Gezubuso Projects is a non government, non-profit organisation: Reg No: 033-191NPO

"The Fire Under The Pot" The people who ‘keep the wheels turning’   read more

The Four Legged Cooking Pot,To describe our organisation we use the symbol of the three-legged African cooking pot with an added leg.


LEG TWO: Sunshine House FOSTER CARE Programme


LEG THREE: Masinzenzele Vegetable Garden Programme


  MissionGEZUBUSO has been formed to bring resources to disadvantaged and impoverished men, women and children in the areas in which they live read  read
  GezubusoGEZUBUSO is the Zulu word for “wash your face” and was taken from one of the areas the project We aim to help men, women and children to regain, read  read
  MotivationThe organisation was established in January 2004, the primary aim being to work in the rural areas in KZ and teach men, women and youth about HIV/AIDS. read  read
31.09.2010   Positive Plans Some Good and Bad news It has been a long time since we posted news on the site and so much has happened this year, most of it very good but some sad. read Read More 01.01.2011   New Beginning The Staff of Gezubuso Projects, including Foster Mothers and Trainers, we have been talking about the past year and our general feeling read Read More

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